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Cellphones ‘possibly carcinogenic,’ WHO says – Washington Post

users might consider common-sense precautions such as texting more instead of talking and using a headset to keep the phone farther from the head to minimize exposure.

By Rob Stein, Published: May 31

An international panel of experts has weighed in on the controversy about cellphone safety — and come to a conclusion that falls far short of recommending that consumers put down the devices, although it may make them more anxious.

Cellphones are “possibly carcinogenic” to humans, according to the panel organized by the World Health Organization. But an exhaustive, eight-day review of hundreds of studies concluded that the existing evidence is insufficient to know for sure. And because cellphones are so popular, further research is urgently needed, the experts said.

“Possibly carcinogenic” is the WHO’s third-highest rating, falling below “carcinogenic” and “probably carcinogenic” but above “not classifiable” and “probably not carcinogenic.” Other substances that the group has categorized as “possibly carcinogenic” include talcum powder, which has been possibly linked to ovarian cancer, and low-frequency magnetic fields, which are emitted by power lines and appliances and have been possibly associated with childhood leukemia. Continue reading

Elctrosmog and the demise of Honeybees: who will pollinate the food supply?

While traction continues to mount against the cellular operators for harmful effects of cell phone use, a new and growing concern arises as U.S. honeybee populations continue to decrease. Advancing biologically-based EMR exposure standards that serve the best interests to protect public health and our natural environment are likely to be those new standards to unfold sometime in the near future as more research continues to show that cell towers and other sources of EMR negatively impact nature’s operating frequency.

Cell Tower Complaint Filed With FCC on Behalf of Honey Bees

Posted by inthesenewtimes on November 5, 2009

A local Washington, DC area telecommunications services company executive filed an informal complaint with the FCC stating that the GSM mobile system is modulated at 217 HZ and interferes with the honeybee “natural” operating frequency that is 180 – 250 HZ.

The complaint cites research dating back to 1974, from the Russian researchersEskov and Sapozhnikov that found bees generate electromagnetic signals with a modulation frequency between 180 and 250 Hz when they do their communications dances. Hungry bees react to those frequencies by erecting their antennae Research done by Ulrich Warnke reported that the communication impulses of the antennae when touched by a fellow bee can be measured with an oscillograph and that in the presence of strong electrical fields bees communications is disturbed and they become aggressive while stinging one another to death and will leave the hive if possible.

Much research on Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) has revealed numerous reasons for the bees demise. The Kompetenz Initiative 2008 report states that there may be a link between the Varroa mite and numerous other bee ailments and Electrosmog. Electrosmog is electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted by cell phones, computers, cell towers and other electronic devices. EMR is believed to also damage DNA in humans and to weaken the honeybees immune system. Continue reading