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A position regarding the use of Non-Ionizing Electromagnetic Radiation, including WiFi, in the Workplace

A position regarding the use of Non-Ionizing Electromagnetic Radiation, including WiFi, in the Workplace


Researched and presented by the OECTA Provincial Health and Safety Committee
January 2012

There are growing health and safety concerns regarding the widespread use of technology, such as cellular phones and wireless computer networking (WiFi), which produce non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation. It is estimated that at least 3 per cent of the population has an environmental sensitivity to the radiation that is emitted by these devices and, as a result, experience serious immediate physical/biological effects when exposed. Continue reading

Cellphones ‘possibly carcinogenic,’ WHO says – Washington Post

users might consider common-sense precautions such as texting more instead of talking and using a headset to keep the phone farther from the head to minimize exposure.

By Rob Stein, Published: May 31

An international panel of experts has weighed in on the controversy about cellphone safety — and come to a conclusion that falls far short of recommending that consumers put down the devices, although it may make them more anxious.

Cellphones are “possibly carcinogenic” to humans, according to the panel organized by the World Health Organization. But an exhaustive, eight-day review of hundreds of studies concluded that the existing evidence is insufficient to know for sure. And because cellphones are so popular, further research is urgently needed, the experts said.

“Possibly carcinogenic” is the WHO’s third-highest rating, falling below “carcinogenic” and “probably carcinogenic” but above “not classifiable” and “probably not carcinogenic.” Other substances that the group has categorized as “possibly carcinogenic” include talcum powder, which has been possibly linked to ovarian cancer, and low-frequency magnetic fields, which are emitted by power lines and appliances and have been possibly associated with childhood leukemia. Continue reading

Modern day problem of electromagnetic waves: Prostration on the ground the solution?

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Our body receives a huge amount of electromagnetic waves daily from electrical equipment which have become indispensable part of our lives. These also include equipment such as street lights over which we have no control. As result we are charged with electromagnetic waves round the clock causing problems such as headache, feeling of uncomfortable, laziness and at times pain. The question is how we overcome this inevitable modern day problem. A non Muslim scientist in Europe who had done extensive research into this issue concluded that the best way to remove the positive electromagneticcharge which hurts the body is by placing the forehead on the ground. This helps discharge the harmful positive electromagnetic charges.

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In fact this is somewhat similar to the grounding of the buildings where any positive electromagnetic signals such as thunder discharged through the ground. According to this research and findings the best way to put the forehead on the ground is by positioning to the centre of the earth.

Thus the prostration in prayer is not only regarded as the best way to discharge harmful electromagnetic signals from the body, but also the ideal way to get close to Almighty who created the universe. During the daily prayers Muslims throughout the world prostrate. However so far they did not know by doing so they were discharging electromagnetic waves. Thus they were not aware of this benefit. They prostrated only to obey the Almighty as they believe that there is always some wisdom behind what was told by the creator.

Mobile phone-integral part of modern life

Meanwhile explaining the benefits of prostration Kalabooshanam M Y M Meeadh writes; the pineal gland in the brain plays an important part in directional sense. Damage to the pineal gland causes defective sense of direction, perhaps by altering the intrinsic intracranial electro-magneticenvironment and thus affecting the magnetic response mechanism. Mosque signifies a place of prostration and prayer in Islam comprises certain bodily positions.

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Prostration, is the culminating point of complete submission to Allah. Prostration is an act of humility symbolizing total abandonment of oneself to the will of Allah. All the Prophets of the past prostrated. The Quran says, “Whatever beings there are in the heavens and in the earth, do prostrate themselves to Allah.” (Q. 13:15) Man becomes nearer to Allah’s attributes when he constantly strives for perfection. “It is not your wealth, nor your children that shall bring you nearer unto us.” (34:37) Imam Gazzali says: “There are qualities which will draw a man near God. They include Spiritual knowledge of duties, Self control 4 and Justice. We prostrate in the direction of the Qibla, Makka, which is the spiritual compass of the Muslim world. The central region of the earth encompasses Macca, the centre of the Muslim world and the point where for Muslims; the heavenly axis touches the terrestrial plane. Makka is also called themother of cities (Ummul Qurah) in the Holy Quran and in the popular literature the navel of the earth.

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The Kaa’bah is now not only placed in the centre of the earth, but it also forms the central point of the whole universe. It is difficult to determine the real nature of the black stone (Hajar al Aswad) of the Ka’abah whether it was originally a meteorite or not, and if so, whether any electromagnetic waves are emitted from it in a radial direction. The pineal gland in the brain is also called the third eye. It plays an important part in directional sense. Damage to the pineal gland causes defective sense of direction, perhaps by altering the intrinsicintracranial electro-magnetic environment and thus affecting the magnetic response mechanism. There is a high concentration of magnetic (a magnetic oxide of iron) in man, in the bones of the base of the skull.

The billions of red blood cells circulating in the body contain iron, and could form a magnetic flux. It has not been worked out as to what effects these iron containing red blood cells produce when they come near the base of the brain and in turn, normalize the sense of direction through a neutral or numeral path way the pineal gland. Added to this, by putting our forehead to the ground during prostration, Sajda,so many times daily, it is not impossible to imagine that some electro magnetic waves radiating from the Kaa’ba through the earth would reach the pineal gland of the prostrated person and help to straighten the sense of direction (Sirathul Musthaqeem).

It is likely that the uprightness of a practicing Muslim is the result of the normalization of this sense of direction by the electro-magnetic waves radiating from Hajar al-Aswadthrough the earth to the pineal gland during prostration. Allah commands you to ‘Proclaim the Lord’s praise in the night and after the (prescribed) prostrations.” (Q. 50:40). There are those who spend the night in adoration of their Lord, prostrating and standing.” (25:64 ) Prophet Muhammad (Sal) said: “A man becomes near God at the time ofprostration.” Nearness to God does not mean nearness of place but nearness to the attribution of Allah.

Courtesy: This article is based on the research by

Dr. Ebrahim Kazim