Health fears prompt Wi-Fi shutdown in B.C. school – The Canadian Press

Health fears prompt Wi-Fi shutdown in B.C. school
The Canadian Press
Posted: Oct 26, 2011 10:52 AM PT

An elementary school near Quesnel, B.C., is waving good-bye to its wireless internet connections due to the uncertainty about the safety of the technology.

North Cariboo Christian School, a private elementary about 10 kilometres south of Quesnel, is shutting down its Wi-Fi link.

Principal John Hengen cites what he says are known health risks related to wireless modems, and notes the school will err on the side of safety for its students.

The World Health Organization recently listed radio frequency radiation from Wi-Fi as a possible carcinogen and placed it on the same list as DDT and car exhaust.

Vancouver’s school board is rolling out Wi-Fi access in all its schools this year, although some parents have expressed concern about the possible health effects.

Wi-Fi is also listed among concerns of opponents to the provincewide installation of BC Hydro smart meters.

Meanwhile, Shaw Communications is planning to blanket Vancouver and other western cities with wireless internet access.

By spring of 2012, Shaw plans to let customers — for a yet-to-be-announced price — tap into Shaw’s broadband service from several thousand urban wireless access points in places such as sporting venues and transit hubs.

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