‘it is time that the industry shows cell phones might not cause cancer’ – CNN


Aired June 4, 2011 – 13:00 ET

As you probably heard, the world health organization has added cell phones to the list of substances that are possibly carcinogenic, meaning they might cause cancer.

The wireless association, which represents the cell phone industry is dismissing the report saying the classification is based on, quote, “limited evidence and no research.” OK, cell phone companies, if you know enough to dismiss the finding, what evidence do you have about the long-term effect of cell phone use?

Because if you’re sitting on a report that proves conclusively that cell phones don’t cause brain cancer, release it. Save us all a lot of worrying. If you aren’t, as I suspect, why don’t you get out in front of this issue. It may be good business to do independent research and put this pesky question to rest. Some people are already comparing cell phone companies to tobacco companies.

You know, the very first study linking smoking and lung cancer was down back in 1939. Other reports followed, but it wasn’t until the late 1990s that tobacco companies actually began admitting that smoking causes cancer.

Here is the difference. Unlike smoking, nobody is actually calling for us to quit our cell phones. It’s just the opposite. It’s a growth opportunity. A whole new industry could spring up around technology designed to keep our phones a safe distance from our heads or our hearts or our reproductive organs. Imagine the headsets that can be sold.

If it’s liability you’re worried about, sitting on critical information for decades didn’t save the tobacco companies any money in the end. Get out in front of this now. That’s my appeal to you. If you won’t step up, maybe it’s time for the government to step in.

We need a fresh look at current radiation standards for our phones and we need, maybe, a federal research program to study the effects of cell phone radiation on humans, especially on children. We can’t afford to 30 years or 40 years for the answer to become obvious.

That is too high a price to pay.


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