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Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation

I have been working in the area of antennas for nearly three decades. During this period, I have written more than 150 papers in national and international journals and conferences and also written a book entitled “Broadband Microstrip Antennas” published by Artech House, USA in 2003. I have probably designed, fabricated and tested more than 1000 antennas. In 2001, when I was writing my book, I used to spend around 80 to 90 hours per week in the Antenna Lab at IIT Bombay, I started having strange health problem that my fingers would swell and I would feel hot even when AC was ON though my student’s would feel very cold. Initially, doctors gave me medicine for skin treatment and later on, I was referred to Neurologist and after several weeks of medicine, there was still no relief. Meanwhile, I also consulted Homeopathy doctor, who after one month of doing experiment on me with his various medicines, told me that he has tried every possible thing and he can not do anything to cure me. Just around that time, I measured the radiation level in my office and lab, and found it to be very high. There were so many computers around me and there was radiation from all the computers and laptops. Also, we were always doing experiments with microwave circuits and antennas (occupational hazard). So, without realizing, my body was absorbing electromagnetic radiation from all these sources. The solution was simple: we re-arranged all the computers, partly isolated my office from the antenna lab, and I partially recovered in about 3-4 months of time. Continue reading

Wi-Fi Makes Trees Sick, Study Says – Wageningen University

City trees are becoming sick from wireless radiation from local area networks and mobile phones, according to a European study.

Radiation from Wi-Fi networks is harmful to trees, causing significant variations in growth, as well as bleeding and fissures in the bark, according to a recent study in the Netherlands.

All deciduous trees in the Western world are affected, according to the study by Wageningen University. The city of Alphen aan den Rijn ordered the study five years ago after officials found unexplained abnormalities on trees that couldn’t be ascribed to a virus or bacterial infection.

Additional testing found the disease to occur throughout the Western world. In the Netherlands, about 70 percent of all trees in urban areas show the same symptoms, compared with only 10 percent five years ago. Trees in densely forested areas are hardly affected. Continue reading

JNU National Symposium: Microwave Field Measurement, Biological Effects and Application in Nano Science

A symposium on “Microwave field measurement, biological effects and application in nanoscience” is based on nanotechnology, biomedical, biophysical and environmental research issues. The ongoing issue in environmental science “electromagnetic pollution” has been chosen to explore the effect of Electromagnetic field (EMF) on biological systems. The EMF generated by cell phones and their towers are most frequent source which interfere with living system and causes adverse effect on their growth and development. Over three billions of people in more than 200 countries are daily exposed consciously to EMF. Thousands of them and many others are also exposed to EMFs (e.g., base stations, wireless phones, and wi-fi) of varying strength unintentionally and sometimes unconsciously. These fields are currently created mostly by mobile phone communication units and transmitting towers and are of major concern for the society because of their close proximity to human populations and sensitive somatic organs (e.g., brain (hippocampus, pineal gland), eyes, and testes). It needs to highlight the adverse affects of RF-EMW on biological systems by reviewing and continuing relevant studies and research to deeper understanding of this important health issue. Several studies represent these effects on reproductive pattern and brain system of male Wistar rat’s. Now the study demands to explore the
mechanism of field interaction with biological system. It also needs to measure the field emissions emitted by mobile phone and their towers. This is an important issue to protect the human being by unseen radiations emitted from various gadgets. Emphasis will also be laid to use the nanoparticle for such purposes to protect against hazardous effect. The proposed workshop will point out the Electromagnetic field radiation (especially mobile phone and microwave oven and many more appliances) effect in living beings and their solution by using nanoparticle application. It is therefore imperative that its implications must be fully explored and safety criteria be understood and implemented. Keeping this in view, it is planned to organize a two day symposium to discuss the issue in detail. A limited number of participants will be offered financial assistance for travel and local hospitality. Those interested, may send their request along with demand draft (DD) by January 20, 2011.

The topics to be covered will include but not limited to the following:-
1) Principle of Microwave radiations 2) Electromagnetic Fields-Bio-interactions and solution 3) Electromagnetic Fields and Environment 5) Radiofrequency Fields measurement and Dosimetry 6) Radiation hazards and safety Standards 7) Nanotechnology in wastewater tratement and (8) Nanoscience applications in Medical, biological and environmental issues

Symposium Date: March 4-5, 2011

In collaboration with IEEE-MTT Society

Venue: School of Environmental Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

Organized and Sponsored by
Jawaharlal Nehru University and Microwave Applications Society of India (MASI), New Delhi

About Symposium

Important dates:
Authors are requested to submit one page abstract (E-mail submission accepted).
Submission of one page abstract before 20th December, 2010
Abstract Acceptance 30th December, 2010
Submission of Full Paper 10th January, 2011

Website Details:

Full Signal – Movie of Base Stations and Health Risks

A new movie is out and presented in various film festivals and cinemas.

Full Signal Documentary Official Trailer and Teaser from Full Signal on Vimeo.

Since 1997 and the onset of GSM telephony, more and more cellular antennas have been popping up in neighborhoods all around the world to support an ever-growing number of cell phone users.

In fact they have become so prolific in some parts of the world that they disappear into the landscape with the same subtlety as cars on the street. And those that don’t ‘disappear’ are cleverly disguised as chimneys, flag poles, or water towers.

Full Signal talks to scientists around the world who are researching the health effects related to cellular technology; to activists who are fighting to regulate the placement of antennas; and to lawyers and law makers who represent the people wanting those antennas regulated.

Filmed in Eight countries and Six US states, Full Signal examines the contradiction between health and finance, one of the many ironies of the fight to regulate antenna placement.

see the details here:
The website: fullsignalmovie

Insurance Companies Do Not Cover Harm Caused by Non-ionising Radiation



world wide concern over protecting children from mobile phones and wi-fi

The UK Chief Medical Officers strongly advise that children and teenagers under 16 should not use mobile phones except for short essential calls.

The European Parliament voted in September 2008 by a very large majority to recommend tighter safety standards for mobile phones and other wireless technology (including wi-fi and DECT cordless phones) particularly to protect vulnerable groups like children. It points out in particular the need to “address vulnerable groups such as pregnant women, newborn babies and children”

The Parliament commented on the Bio-Initiative international report and stated that:
“the limits on exposure to electromagnetic fields which have been set for the general public are obsolete” and called upon the Council to “set stricter exposure limits for all equipment which emits electromagnetic waves …”

The German government’s health protection agency recommends the public reduce their exposure to high frequency radiation to minimise health risks. It recommends:
• remove cordless DECT phones
• use cabled connections rather than wifi and bluetooth
• site wi-fi access points away from people, including at work
The Frankfurt City Government and the Bavarian Parliament have recommended against installation of wi-fi in schools.

The French government has announced that it is introducing legislation to ban advertising of mobile phones to children under 14. The French Senate is also pressing for a ban on the use of mobile phones in primary and middle schools.

Over the Christmas period 2008/9, the French city of Lyon ran an advertising campaign to dissuade parents from buying mobile phones for their children:

French national libraries (BNF) has imposed a moratorium on wi-fi networks in French libraries following a moratorium in Paris libraries after staff reported ill effects.

A town in France (Hérouville-Saint-Clair) is removing wi-fi networks from all its schools before the end of the 2009. “We are going to apply the precautionary principle. Our job is to protect people’s health,” declared the mayor Rodolphe Thomas in April 2009. The council is also launching a campaign to inform the public about precautions for protection from radiation

The Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, with the the equivalent role of our Health Protection Agency, has expressed concern at the marketing of mobile phones to children and teenagers and has stated that it believes that the risk to children from mobile phones is not much lower than the risk to children’s health from tobacco or alcohol.

The Committee explains this high potential risk as follows:
• the absorption of electro-magnetic energy in a child’s head is considerably higher than that in the head of an adult (a child’s brain has higher conductivity, smaller size, thin skull bones, smaller distance from the antenna etc.)
• children are more sensitive to electro-magnetic fields than adults
• childrens’ brains have higher sensitivity to the accumulation of the adverse effects from chronic exposure to the electro-magnetic fields
• electro-magnetic fields affect higher nervous activity
• today’s children will spend a longer time using mobile phones than today’s adults will do
The Committee states that children mobile phone users are likely to face the following hazards in the near future:
• disruption of memory
• decline of attention
• diminishing learning and cognitive abilities
• increased rritability
• sleep problems
• increase in sensitivity to stress
• increased epileptic readiness
It states that children have the following possible long-term health risks:
• brain tumors
• tumors of acoustical and vestibular nerves (at age 25-30)
• Alzheimer’s disease
• dementia
• depressive syndrome
• other types of degeneration of the nervous structures of the brain (at age 50 to 60).

The Indian Ministry of Telecommunication has recommended that children under the age of 16 should be discouraged from using cell phones

The Israeli Ministry of Health has recommended limiting children’s use of cell phones, avoidance of cellular communication in enclosed places such as elevators and trains, and use of wired, not wireless, earpieces.

The Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) has advised that children’s mobile phone use should be restricted.

The Authority says that children will have more time to use a mobile phone for a longer period of time than adults. The long-term risks from the use of mobile phones can not be assessed before the phones have been in use for several decades. Additionally, children’s brains are developing up to the age of 20 years.

“With children, we have reason to be especially careful, because there is not enough research on children’s mobile phone use. Unfortunately, it will not be easy to obtain this information in the future, either, because of ethical considerations, the use of children as research subjects must always be heavily justified”, according to STUK research director Sisko Salomaa.

The Authority suggests that the children’s mobile phone use could be restricted in the following ways:
• favouring the use of text messages rather than calls,
• parents limiting the number of calls and their duration,
• using hands-free devices
• avoiding talking in an area with low connectivity or in a moving car or a train.

from wiredchild

Gamma waves and RF/microwave radiation are carcinogenic and genotoxic; safe dose is zero

RF/microwaves from cell phones and cell tower transmitters also cause micronuclei damage in blood cells.

The telecommunications industry knows this thanks to its own six-year, wireless technology research (WTR) study program mandated by Congress and completed in 1999.

Dr. George Carlo, confirms that exposure to communications radiation from wireless technology is “potentially the biggest health insult” this nation has ever seen, a greater threat than cigarette smoking and asbestos.

ECOLOG found over 220 peer-reviewed, published papers documenting the cancer-initiating and cancer-promoting effects of the high frequency radiation employed by wireless technology.

Because gamma waves and RF/microwave radiation are identically carcinogenic and genotoxic to the cellular roots of life, the safe dose of either kind of radiation is zero. No study has proven that any level of exposure from cell-damaging radiation is safe for humans.

Read on.

The identical damage resulting from both radioactive gamma waves and high frequency microwaves involves a pathological condition in which the nuclei of irradiated human cells splinter into fragments called micronuclei. Micronuclei are a definitive pre-cursor of cancer. During the 1986 nuclear reactor disaster at Chernobyl in Russia, the ionizing radiation released was equivalent to 400 atomic bombs, with an estimated ultimate human toll of 10,000 deaths. Exposed Russians quickly developed blood cell micronuclei, leaving them at high risk for cancer.

RF/microwaves from cell phones and cell tower transmitters also cause micronuclei damage in blood cells. This was reported a decade ago by Drs. Henry Lai and Narendrah Singh, biomedical researchers at the University of Washington in Seattle. Dr. Singh is famous for refining comet assay techniques used to identify DNA damage. Lai and Singh demonstrated in numerous animal studies that mobile phone radiation quickly causes DNA single and double strand breaks at levels well below the current federal “safe” exposure standards.2

The telecommunications industry knows this thanks to its own six-year, wireless technology research (WTR) study program mandated by Congress and completed in 1999. Gathering a team of over 200 doctors, scientists and experts in the field, WTR research showed that human blood exposed to cell phone radiation had a 300-percent increase in genetic damage in the form of micronuclei.3 Dr. George Carlo, a public health expert who coordinated the WTR studies, confirms that exposure to communications radiation from wireless technology is “potentially the biggest health insult” this nation has ever seen. Dr. Carlo believes RF/microwave radiation is a greater threat than cigarette smoking and asbestos.

In 2000, European communications giant T-Mobile commissioned the German ECOLOG Institute to review all available scientific evidence in regard to health risks for wireless telecommunications. ECOLOG found over 220 peer-reviewed, published papers documenting the cancer-initiating and cancer-promoting effects of the high frequency radiation employed by wireless technology.4 Many corroborating studies have been published since. Continue reading