Apple’s manual: “for wireless data transmission, keep the iPhone at least 5/8ths of an inch away from your body”

How to Lower Cell Phone Health Risk

We all have repeatedly been told of the dangers of talking on our cell phones and the concerns of the possible link to brain cancer from holding the devices up to our ear.

Now they are going further than that by telling us we should not carry them in our pockets. They point out you need to read the fine print that comes with your cell phone.

For example Apple’s manual tells you for wireless data transmission over a cellular network, keep the iPhone at least 5/8ths of an inch away from your body. BlackBerry says 0.98ths of an inch from your body when the device is transmitting.

CBS news correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton, tells us the concern is that cell phones emit a type of energy known as radiofrequency energy, and though it’s a low level, at high levels, it can actually cause what is called a thermal injury or heating up tissue. Of course research on the radio waves themselves are ongoing and is controversial.

To cut down on exposure try to remember to use holsters and for heavy users try putting on speaker when ever possible. You need to be careful with wireless or hand-free devices because, it is still being attached to the ear, and you are potentially still getting the radio frequency energy.

You don’t want to sleep with your cell phone directly next to your bed, like most of us do, or under your pillow and, most importantly monitor your children’s use.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010 by SweetTalk on the Spot

cellphone-dependency by Lisbeth Endre

see the link here

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