Exposure to Radiation via Dialog Telekom Transmission Towers?

Dialog Telekom mobile phone company is in the process of setting up a transmission antenna tower on top of a three storied apartment building at no. 94/ 3 amidst houses in the dense residential area of Elie House road, in Mutuwal, Modera. The neighbours have not been consulted or informed about this construction by either the owner of the apartments who have rented his premises for this purpose or the Dialog Telekom. We are not sure whether the Dialog Telekom is following the standards applicable to such constructions in residential areas as we understand that depending on the distance and the level of emissions from the tower, the level of exposure to the radiation would vary and that there could possibly be health hazards to those living in the vicinity of the tower.

We would be thankful to either the Environmental Authority or any other organization or individuals to help us understand the implications this type of construction would have on our environment and health.

In the case of this type of construction, should not it be made mandatory to announce in advance to the public in the area the nature of the construction and the measures taken to assure that there is no health hazard? Should not this be made part of the so-called ‘corporate responsibility’ which we talk much about these days?

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