Dialog Telekom brings “radiation antenna” to Eliehouse neighbourhood?

Dialog Telekom mobile phone company is in the process of setting up a transmission antenna tower on top of a three storied apartment building at no. 94/ 3 amidst houses in the dense residential area of Elie House road, in Mutuwal, Modera. Are such constructions permitted in residential areas at all? Once, permitted the companies can expand the size of their towers increasing the risk of health hazard overtime. This will affect the children, the elderly and the sick most. In my view this type of commercial constructions should not be permitted in residential areas.

a neighbour

3 responses to “Dialog Telekom brings “radiation antenna” to Eliehouse neighbourhood?

  1. Cell phone towers do not cause health problems to humans. That’s just an urban myth. For further reading check out cancer.org.

    While high levels of radiofrequency waves can cause a warming of tissues, cellular phone towers do not yield exposure at levels sufficient to cause this effect. There is no evidence in published scientific reports that cell phone towers cause any other health problems.

    The World Health Organization, based upon the consensus view of the scientific and medical communities, states that health effects (e.g. headaches) are very unlikely to be caused by cellular phones or their base stations. (via Wikipedia)

    The worst is that it may look ugly.

    The general result is that people in the region get better phone and Internet coverage and can communicate better.

    Regardless, if the neighborhood has objections it’s the operators responsibility to listen to them, present available data and let them decide. Tell me if you need a contact within network planning

  2. Thanks Indi for your comments.

    We have been in touch with the network planning at Dialog Telecom.

    Their claim is also that the use of a cellphone is more harmful than the radiation from an antenna.

    While there is no “conclusive evidence,” as it would be said, to prove that the use of cell phones causes cancer, there is a vast literature available on on going research in this area which raise extremely serious concerns.

    The fact remains that cell phones as well as antennas transmit radiation. Radiation has its impact on human body. The impact of an antenna will depend on its location, its height and the distance from the base of the antenna to the point of receipt of transmission. Pl. see the extracts from the journal article we will be producing as a separate post.

    This article while conclude on the evidence of its specific reserach that

    ” Measurements indicate that the exposure levels due to all services as at July 2004 for the
    general public at locations considered in this work are well below FCC specified safety
    standards. Hence the radiating antennas are not a threat for public health. ”

    nevertheless point out that

    “As the antenna main beam would reach ground level at a distance of approximately 50 m from the bottom of the antenna mast, the radiation level up to about 50 m is only due to any minor lobes and this is expected to be extremely small and therefore will not be a threat to public health. ”


    The point is that, if we go by the above, the distance matters as for the impact of radiation and the members of the public living in the vicinity should no how the antenna would differently impact them.

    While it is true as the person from Dialog mentioned that there is a lot of emissions out there, our objection is to bringing it right into the midst of our residences.
    As, you mention the aesthetics is also an important consideration which Dialog does not seem to care for.

    Another is this area being prone to very high lightening activity throughout the year, there is the fer that an antenna amidst our houses will also act as a lightening rod. While the claim will be that the antenna will be properly earthed, there is a concern of the impact of all that electricity being grounded via the antenna.


  3. a neighbour


    I am sorry I forgot to include the reference to the article I was referring to in my comment before. Here it is:

    Sri Lankan Journal of Physics, Vol. 6 (2005) 19-32
    Human exposure to RF radiation in Sri Lanka
    M. A. A. Karunarathna and I. J. Dayawansa

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